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Tarik Ediz

Tarik Ediz 92182 Dress Front Picture

Tarik Ediz 92182 Dress

Plunge neckline sleeveless evening dress with embellished bodice by Tarik Ediz
Stop traffic with the Tarik Ediz 92182 Dress. The soft and flowy chiffon pleats will make you feel like a princess. The entire upper torso is accented with crystals and jewels that make this dress ever so luxurious. The low cut slit at the bust and the thin crisscross strappy back gives this dress an effortless sexy edge. Pair with elegant diamond earrings and bracelets to tie the look together!

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How to Measure Yourself

Every girl has a different body shape and size configurations that is why MackTak has created three easy steps for you to measure your bust, waist and hips in five minutes.
To measure your bust:
Most people mistake the bust size with the bra size. These are two different measurement systems. If you want to buy a dress that fits perfectly, take a flexible tape measure around your bust. Do not wear tones of clothes underneath, for best results wear only a bra. The measure tape should go under your arms and over your chest. Bring the end to the front and take a look at the number shown. Write it down and continue.
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If you wonder where the waist area starts, stand in front of the mirror and place the measure tape over the narrowest part, not your stomach nor your hips. It is usually in between bust and hips area, where you usually put your hands. Again do not wear layers of clothes, since the measure tape will show a bigger size than the usual.
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Opposite to the waist, the hips are the widest part of our body. The measuring can be done over jeans or skirt.
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